Is It Possible To Track Who Visits Your Instagram? [2023]

Instagram users frequently seek answers to pressing issues.

Can you, for instance, check to see who has viewed your Instagram account?

Perhaps you’re curious because you’d like to learn more about your target demographic.

Or maybe you just care about making the most of your published material for your subscriber base.

No of the motivation, let’s settle this issue once and for all…

Methods for Assessing Your Instagram Following

There is currently no Instagram appeal form that would tell who has viewed your page. You are, however, free to conduct anonymized analytics research on your users.

Using data from Instagram’s Insights

The Instagram “Insights” report is an excellent place to start if you want to learn more about your audience.

Go to your profile page in the Instagram app, and then hit the hamburger settings button in the upper right.

Your Instagram analytics report may be compiled from the ‘Insights’ tab of your profile’s settings.

Three of the most important KPIs for Instagram marketing are provided in the Insights report’s executive summary.

  • The sum of the Instagram accounts that viewed your material (posts, Reels, Stories, and videos) (draughts are not included). Pageviews include those from followers as well as those from newcomers.
  • Accounts engaged: the total number of Instagram users that interacted with your posts. Comments, likes, replies to Stories, shares, and saved content all fall under this category.
  • The amount of new followers you attracted over the specified time period is tracked by the “Total followers” metric. Under “Overview,” you may see a comparison of your current follower growth to that which occurred after the reporting period ended.
  • Each statistic provides a growth or drop percentage for the reporting period in question.

Reporting using Vista Social

If you’re a social media manager looking to differentiate yourself or your firm, having experience with social media management (SMM) technologies is a must.

You can track overall interaction rates of Instagram users for a company account.

Make sure to pick “Instagram reports” from the main menu’s drop-down option.

Instagram performance indicators such as follower growth and total posts are displayed below. However, underneath the “Engagement” area is where you’ll find the audience analysis tools.

Checking Instagram Story Views: A Guide

However, you can see who has visited your Instagram Stories but not your profile.

The problem is, not all Instagram profile views come from watching stories. However, they still provide useful data on audience size and engagement.

Swipe up from the profile picture on Instagram to see who has seen your Story. Here, you can see who is now viewing your Story.

Keep in mind that up to 48 hours after uploading (24 hours after it expires), you may still check who has read your Instagram Story. You will then be able to see only the people who engaged with it.

Meanwhile, you might expand your content’s reach and potential by learning how to save Instagram Stories with audio.

There are other methods to learn more about your Instagram followers.

To get the most out of Instagram’s audience data, consider the following:

  • Conduct polls or surveys. Ask Instagram poll questions in your Stories to hear from your most engaged followers.
  • Think about who is following you the most. You can see who’s responsible for the most interactions on Instagram by looking at who they follow.
  • Set up a system of permissions. If you take the time to learn about your target demographic, you can craft a social media approval process that speaks directly to them.