8 Best TikTok Filters to Make Your Videos Stand Out in 2023

Whether you’re building your personal or professional brand on TikTok, you can always find a new way to spice up your videos with the app’s extensive library of filters.

What’s even better? It’s not necessary that you have expert skills in video editing.

Here are the best TikTok filters that will take your videos to the next level, from the throwback “Brew” to the entertaining “Time Warp Scan.”

what exactly are TikTok Filters?

TikTok allows users to enhance their videos with a variety of visual filters, from static colour overlays to interactive augmented reality effects.

TikTok’s filters can be roughly divided into two categories: static presets and dynamic effects.

Conservative Defaults

Presets are a tried and true method of altering the look of a video’s colour scheme, either before or after the fact.

This is the most effective method for making your video look exactly how you want it to, whether you want to give it a pink tint or a retro feel.

TikTok has four different types of preset filters: Portrait, Landscape, Food, and Vibe.
Resulting Interactions

TikTok’s effect filters are a great way to give your videos a unique and entertaining flair.

Extreme examples include having your face replaced by a cat’s or becoming a hologram.

Here Are the Top 8 Filters on TikTok That You Should Use Right Now

Here are the top 8 TikTok filters you can use right now, whether you’re a complete beginner or a TikTok pro.

Brew Filter Default Setting

Brew, also known as G6, is one of the most widely used filters on TikTok and is ideal for giving your videos a vintage look and feel.
It’s become a standard tool for TikTok makers because of the depth and warm glow it lends videos, and it’s also inspired a trend that’s swept the app.

Second, the ‘Bling Filter’ Effect

The Bling effect, known for its glimmering qualities, has been embraced by both brands and content creators.

It’s a sophisticated method of drawing attention to key scenes, characters, or other aspects of your video.

Thirdly, the “Green Screen” effect

The Green Screen effect is great for artistic filters because it can detect your outline automatically and you can add a custom background.
Pick a picture from your photo library or use one of TikTok’s pre-loaded backgrounds.

The options are limitless, whether you want to record in front of Mount Everest or over a screenshot of a 5-star review.

No. 4: The Imagination-Based Filter

Your footage will take on a rosy hue when processed through the Fantasy Filter, also known as V11.

One of the Vibe presets available in TikTok, “Fantasy” is ideal for adding a playful splash of colour to your videos.

Many of the most popular TikTok users in the millennial generation choose to combine this filter with the Color Customizer filter to achieve a vibrant summertime shade.

For the most popular effects, see what’s being shared on TikTok’s Discover page.

Fifthly, a reversal of the filter’s effects

After creators started using the Inverted filter to gauge how their videos would appear to viewers, the popularity of the feature skyrocketed.
To take a self-portrait, simply point the camera at yourself, activate the desired filter, and wait for the big reveal.

TikTok’s Sixth-Rated Color-Editing Filter Effect

This filter, also known as the Color Selector effect, allows you to alter the saturation of your videos, allowing you to alter the colour of anything from clothing and buildings to skin and hair.
This filter is great for adding some vibrancy to your videos and making them more unique.

The Filter Effect, as Suggestion No. 7

This amusing face-altering effect is called “Expressify,” and it makes natural expressions look ridiculously exaggerated. It can amplify features such as the eyes, the mouth, and the eyebrows, making them appear larger than life.
TikTokers are always up for a good challenge, so it’s no surprise that Expressify has sparked a flurry of videos in which people try to keep as straight a face as possible without smiling or laughing.

Try it out and see if you like it.

Effet of the Time-Warp Scan Filter

The Time Warp Scan effect, or “the blue line,” is quickly becoming one of the most used and well-known TikTok filters.

The blue line can be moved downwards or across the screen to freeze the image being filmed in small increments.
The image remains stationary as the line sweeps across the display, giving you plenty of room to experiment with fun distortions and even double images.

HINT: If you want to use a filter on someone else’s content, look for the effect icon next to their username.

TikTok Filter Tutorial

Now that you know about some of the best filters on TikTok, it’s time to give them a try.

The app’s extensive collection of filters and effects may seem daunting at first, but they’re actually very straightforward to use. It won’t be long before you’re polishing your editing skills to perfection.

For those interested in using the TikTok video filtering app, here are the steps:

  • Click the plus sign (+) to start recording a TikTok video.
  • Select the “Filters” button. It’s in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • A number of predefined aesthetic adjustments will be available to you. Pick the one you like best, and then press the record button.
  • If you want to use a filter, select the desired effect by tapping the face icon in the lower left corner of the display. Numerous sub-sections, such as “Trending,” “New,” and “Green Screen,” showcase videos edited with TikTok’s in-built video effects.
  • If you’re using a preset filter style or an effects filter and you no longer want to use it, you can delete it by opening the filter menu and tapping the circle with a diagonal line through it.

With TikTok’s plethora of available filters, you can make videos that stand out and grab viewers’ attention.