How To Run Successful Instagram Giveaway?

Is there Instagram presence for your business?

Do you want to increase interest in your company by holding a contest?

Instagram provides a simple platform for running rapid-fire contests that attract new followers and excite existing ones.

Here are four easy things to take to create brand awareness through Instagram contests for your business.

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Select the Kind of Competition

Instagram is great for advertising because it does not have the same restrictions as other social media sites. That leaves you free to come up with any kind of contest idea you like. Some starting points are provided below.

As in Competitions

Asking visitors to like your photo is one of the simplest ways to enter them into a contest. This form of contest is advantageous since it allows you to rapidly expand participation with no effort.

Each Instagram post from Buffalo Jordan restaurant earns on average around 50 likes. This number increased to almost 200 likes each post after they held a series of freebies on Instagram.

Challenges to Comments

Like a Like contest, a Comment contest works the same way: users must leave a comment on your photo in order to be considered for the prize. A comment entry contest is the way to go if you want to obtain insightful feedback and boost article engagement.

You can also get more entries by having your followers tag their friends in the comments. In order to increase the number of people who follow your brand on Instagram, a contest that needs tagging is a great idea.

Photo-based Competitions

The most common Instagram competition is a photo challenge. Instruct your followers who are interested in participating to share a photo on their own profile and label it with the contest’s designated hashtag. The popularity of the selfie means that many companies are capitalising on the platform by encouraging customers to share images of themselves using their goods or services.

Disseminate the Guidelines

Instagram’s promotion guidelines are more lax than those of Facebook’s. The first step is to recognise that Instagram has nothing to do with the marketing. Second, don’t tag content incorrectly or encourage others to do so.

Your regulations for the competition might be as flexible or as strict as you like. Make sure they stand out.

Simple contest rules include asking for a “like,” “comment,” “tag,” or “repost,” or some combination of these.

Instagram posts for this kind of promotion can be succinct and to-the-point. Promote your Instagram contest with just a few clever lines and a call to action like “Click the link in our bio to enter to win!” rather than writing a novel-length caption. Easy as pie; just add the campaign’s URL to your Instagram bio.

Pick a Useful Reward

You need the appropriate kind of followers to win any social media contest. The most effective method of locating such individuals is to provide an incentive that is of interest to both them and your business.

Offering a free iPad or iPhone as a prize could earn you lots of entries, but the winners might not be your ideal customers. If you give away anything relating to your product or service, you’re more likely to get users who are truly interested in your business.

Get the Word Out

The best way to keep track of Instagram entries is to utilise relevant hashtags in both posts and comments. Here is a nice selection of hashtags to utilise as a jumping off point if you aren’t sure what to use.

You can use the hashtags #(your brand’s name) #Instagramcontest #Instagramgiveaway #contest #giveaway #instagood to promote a contest or giveaway on Instagram.
Hashtags aren’t limited to use in competition tracking. They also aid in increasing your content’s exposure to the ideal audience for your brand. Your contest will get the attention it requires if you use the proper hashtags.

You may still spread the word about your contest even if it’s just live on Instagram. It’s so important that you should share it everywhere you can. Promote your contest by sharing it on social media and encouraging participants to invite their friends to take part (e.g., via Facebook posts, tweets, and the usage of Hello Bar on your website or blog).


Instagram’s loose rules on advertising give you room to manoeuvre when planning and running contests.

You’ll want to employ popular related hashtags and get creative with the types of contests you run to attract the right audience.