Instagram Stories: 7 Imaginative Methods to Advertise Your Company

More than 500 million people use Instagram on a monthly basis, and they’ve collectively posted 40 billion photographs thus far. Furthermore, 95 million photographs and videos are shared daily on Instagram. It should come as no surprise that this software is a necessary resource for any marketer. Having a robust Instagram presence may be really useful if you want to boost your company’s performance and contribute to its expansion. When Instagram Stories debuted on August 2, 2016, the entire internet went crazy for them. You won’t believe what a difference this makes to your advertising efforts, but it’s true. Here are eight practical applications of Instagram Stories for your business.

As a result, Instagram is superior to Snapchat.

When this function was first introduced on Snapchat, it quickly became the most widely used app for sharing “stories,” or photographs and videos that vanish after 24 hours. However, Instagram quickly surpassed it as its own upgrade came out.

Instagram stories surpassed 100 million daily active viewers in October, barely two months after its launch, surpassing Snapchat’s daily active user population by a factor of two to one. Reports also found that with the introduction of Instagram Stories, growth of Snapchat plummeted by 82%.

You have a wonderful potential to grow your business with the help of this feature’s impressive data. You need only learn the right techniques. Thankfully, Instagram stories can be used in a variety of ways to achieve this goal. It’s as easy as that.

1. An Average Workday at Your Company

With consumers constantly on the go and glued to their screens, social media marketing has become more crucial than ever before. However, it takes more than just sharing news, pictures, and updates. Keep in mind that you have stiff competition in the market. Instagram Stories are a great way to get attention and set yourself apart from the crowd. Show a “day in the life” of your company through photos, videos, or even the boomerang feature. Customers are more interested in seeing genuine photos and videos rather than staged ones. Potential and existing customers alike would appreciate an inside look into your company.

    2. Subtly advertise your products

    You may use Instagram Stories to advertise your business, but it’s best to do it subtly. It may be tempting to constantly bombard your followers with product photographs and videos, but doing so may be seen as intrusive. You don’t want your clients (both existing and future) to feel like they’re being inundated with ads. Instead, you may share photographs (either humorous or profound) that relate to the business or product you offer. Images related to any topic may be found with little effort.

    3. Takeover

    Promote your brand through Instagram shops using the benefits of micro-influencer marketing to get more viewers and followers. How? Let everyone know that the influencer will be taking over your Instagram story and posting whatever he or she pleases all day long. The guest blogger or vlogger will be able to inform their audience of the takeover and direct new viewers in your direction. More people who may become clients will be exposed to your brand as a result of this.

    4. Organise competitions

    Let’s face it: competitions are fun no matter what form they take or where they are held. The fact that Instagram Stories are more visible than regular posts means more people will see your contests. When your fans and followers open the app, they are more likely to see the news and announcements you post there.

    5. Promote limited-time discounts

    Schedule frequent promotions and share them via Instagram stories, such as discounts or freebies. Establish a monthly schedule, with additional announcements around the holidays. As a result, customers are more likely to return and check your Instagram profile and stories for further deals.

      6. Interact with your audience

      Customers are less likely to buy from a company that comes out as cold and distant. Promote your product and gain traction with Instagram Stories by actively interacting with your audience. Just upload some media with a question underneath it, and have them respond by direct message. The next logical step is to conduct surveys or seek client input on a product or service. As a result, you see higher levels of consumer interaction, more website traffic, and ultimately, more purchases. On the other hand, those that follow you are glad to have their input sought. Strong relationships with consumers or clients are essential in brand marketing.

      7. Discuss useful techniques

      While it’s true that people are following you because they’re interested in what you have to offer, it doesn’t imply all of your content needs to be commercial. If you frame it correctly, any action may become an advertisement in the world of marketing. As an illustration, you may utilise Instagram stories to show your followers how to complete a certain task. These, naturally, need to be niche-related. People will subconsciously associate the advice you provide them with your goods and services. If you manage a gym, you may publish articles like this one that offer advice on how to perform certain exercises correctly. The fact that his or her fans would value the advice and wish to use the gym is redundant. Giving your consumers helpful advice like this demonstrates that you value them.


        Marketing your company’s name, goods, and services has never been easier than with Instagram Stories. You may share media such as images and movies, offer advice and run contests. Since this is a popular addition to Instagram, you should take advantage of it and show off your artistic side.