The Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming Instagram Verified

The giant social media marketing platform is opening the gates to its well guarded realm of blue checkmarks: the process of being verified on Instagram can now be started immediately from within the application itself. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to become a verified user on Instagram.
That illusive and much sought-after checkmark that appears next to your name on your Instagram page. One that marketers have sought for their brand on Instagram in the hope that it will serve as a sign of legitimacy; nevertheless, they have frequently been unsuccessful in doing so. Since the social media site started handing them out a few years ago, it has been in high demand, but it hasn’t exactly been liberal with the attribution it gives to posts and photos.

Up until a few short weeks ago, the verification process was in no way structured like an open enrollment system. In point of fact, there was no means for accounts, either commercial or normal, to even begin the application process for it. The badge was only available to people that Instagram itself acknowledged as being worthy of having it. They included persons with a high profile who ran the danger of being impersonated (such as celebrities), well-known corporations and figureheads, and prominent Instagrammers who had huge audiences.

How to Request the Instagram Blue Checkmark and What It Entails?

It was out of the question to submit an application for a blue checkmark. There are absolutely no request forms, and there is no other means to get in touch with the IT giant to ask questions. The only way to become one of its fortunate beneficiaries was to be contacted directly by the firm that is owned by Facebook. That was a source of frustration for a great number of companies, all of whom were working hard to proudly exhibit their authority in their field.

We now go on to topics like as data breaches, social cyberbullying, security problems, and responsibility in computer science. If there is one positive thing that has come out of all of the digital untidiness that has occurred over the past year, it is increasing accountability, and the major aim of Instagram is to continue to maintain its environment as a secure one. Because of this, users have the option to turn off commenting on their profiles, and the firm is now employing artificial intelligence to identify offensive speech.

Instagram is removing the veil of mystery that had been surrounding the verification process. In doing so, it is simultaneously fulfilling the dreams of many marketers by making the official blue checkmark badge available to anyone and everyone who is willing and able to apply for it. This is part of Instagram’s ongoing effort to keep things kosher. It is now possible to get a verified Instagram account directly from the Instagram app itself, and all it takes is a few easy steps and around two minutes to complete the process (seriously, time it).

The following are the four steps you need to take in order to get Instagram to eventually validate your account. And let’s not forget the cachet that comes along with having the badge, true talk.

Setting the Stage for the Verification Process

You may adjust the settings for your Instagram account by going to your profile, swiping right, and then tapping the settings wheel at the bottom of the page.

Seeking Verification

Tap the ‘Request Verification’ button after scrolling all the way down to the ‘Account’ section.

Complete the Necessary Forms

Please ensure that all of the mandatory fields, which essentially consist of your name, the additional names under which you are known, and the sort of business you run, are completed. In order for them to thoroughly verify your identity, you will also be required to provide a photo of a government-issued identification card.

Wait for your approval, shown by the blue check mark

It’s a game of waiting. Keep an eye on your inbox for the authorization (or denial). Your verification badge ought to show up as soon as the application is processed, provided that it was successful. If your application is rejected, you won’t be able to reapply for thirty days.

Instagram is clearly adhering to stringent rules, as seen by their statement, which reads: “When analysing Instagram accounts to determine if they are in the public interest and fulfil our verification requirements, we look at a variety of variables.” They outline four benchmarks that potential recipients of the coveted badge need to meet before they can be considered.

Verified accounts are required to be genuine (also known as representing a real person or business), exclusive (meaning that they are the only ones in existence representing the person or business in question), comprehensive (including a profile picture, bio, and requiring that the information be made public), and, finally, notable (well-known, highly searched for, featured in the the media, etc). If you believe that you satisfy these four requirements, then you should be in good shape.