How to Expand Your Business on Instagram Using Video


Globally, video content consumption is increasing. Each day, users invest an hour watching video content. You may capitalize on this trend for your business by utilizing the several video formats available on Instagram. Instagram offers feed video, story videos, Reels, Instagram TV, Instagram Live, & video advertisements integrated into a holistic Instagram content marketing strategy that delights your audience and keeps them coming back for more.

Different Instagram Video Formats To Expand Your Business

Instagram Videos Feed

Since 2013, Instagram has supported this format of video. This style is ideal for establishing your brand identification, sharing corporate activities, and even providing news and updates. It enables the creation of both entertaining and educational material.

Reels on Instagram

Instagram Reels are up to 60-second-long videos. Like TikTok, Reels provides users with a suite of editing tools for creating engaging and enjoyable video footage. Several video clips, filters, subtitles, interactive backdrops, and stickers are included in reels. A scrollable tab containing popular Reels (a.k.a. Instagram’s rendition of the TikTok For You page) is accessible via the Reels button at the foot of the Instagram app’s main page. Explore also makes extensive use of reels. If you’d want to ensure the success of your Reels by utilizing this vital discovery tool, you could check out to gain more likes and reach more audience.


It is the platform’s newest genre of video, having premiered in 2018. The main benefit of IGTV is that it enables you to produce lengthier videos clips with more information, allowing you to provide even more value to your audience. Additionally, you can use IGTV to host regular programs or tutorials—a collection of material that your dedicated fans may access. Remember that you should not create excessively long films out of consideration for your visitors’ time (and short attention span). They may be browsing out of interest before bed or during a brief break at work. Therefore, you must communicate the essential point early in the video. And, if you want to appear on top of a wider audience, you can buy IGTV likes that will make your video highly visible.

Instagram Video Advertisements

These videos have the appearance and feel of real Instagram videos and should be used to advertise your product, service, or brand. Additionally, you could utilize it to give vital information to your audience, highlighting their issue and directing them to your organization for assistance in resolving it. These advertisements appear in users’ feeds & stories, letting you reach customers where users spend most of their time. It’s a critical component of inbound marketing strategy for just convenience and personalization, but also to ensure that consumers reach where they will be when they need it and how they like to get contacted. It also implies that Instagram video advertisements are an excellent way to boost brand recognition.

Utilize Videos to Rejuvenate Your Instagram Marketing Campaign

Video content is critical in driving businesses of all sizes to new heights. Some of your followers may enjoy lengthy material, while others may read very little. They are pressed for time & want things to be simple—companies who recognize and respect this fact will succeed. If you can save them time and effort, they’re far more likely to become long-term, devoted followers (and hopefully, future purchasers of your product or service). The reality that people like images is not going away soon. If you incorporate compelling, easy-to-understand content into your marketing plan, you’ll see a rise in site visitors and engagement.


Whether you choose to experiment with videos, stories, Live, or another approach (or a mix of all of them), you’re already on the correct path to growing your business by staying current with current trends. Marketing on social media is getting increasingly potent, so make use of it and drive your success.

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