The Five-Step Process For Identifying A High-Quality Facebook Influencer: A Comprehensive Manual For Advertising Agencies

Using social listening to identify influential people on Facebook

In social media monitoring, it’s the practise of keeping an eye on mentions of a particular topic or set of keywords across several online platforms. It has a wide variety of possible uses, from product creation and market research to analysis of the competition and search engine optimization. Practically every monitoring service available today may also serve as an influencer marketing instrument.

The majority of public discussions including industry-specific terms and phrases are made by average internet users with no audience save their friends, therefore locating them would not help with identifying Facebook influencers. Thankfully, the robust analytics offered by these tools allow you to examine the acquired data from a variety of perspectives. With Awario, for instance, you can examine the scope of your remarks as well as their geography, language, emotion, keyword-related phrases, and more.

Then, think about keywords that are exclusive to your niche.

This is where your ingenuity and familiarity with the industry will come in handy. You should build a dictionary of terms that are often used in your industry. If you’re trying to drum up interest in a new yoga app, for instance, you may target terms like “yoga,” “exercise,” “fitness,” “meditation,” and “a few others” among your target demographic. 

If you have a well-known business, you may expand your search to include content mentioning your brand. This will aid in locating potential collaborators who have already discussed your brand (hopefully favourably). If you want to know what your rivals are up against, you can do the same thing to discover what the influential people in your industry are saying about them.

Stage 2: Establish a Keyword Tracking System

Now that you have your keyword list, you can begin keeping an eye on them. There are two ways to identify major opinion leaders: (1) lump all terms into a single subject, and (2) separate keywords into distinct categories (for example, one alert for vegans focused on recipes, the other on vegan food reviewers).

You may narrow your search for an influencer by selecting their age range, country, and language, as well as using negative keywords.

Next, peruse the report of influential people.

A specialised report for finding key opinion leaders is available in some SL software. The true treasure is with individuals who have the widest audience, but you may want to zero in on influencers who have a more targeted following and who communicate more frequently about your selected themes.

Fourth, examine the citations.

Awario provides a second, more versatile option for locating influential people. The Filter Mentions button may be found in your Mentions Feed. Filtering the content of the postings may be done in a number of different ways.

After that, you may arrange the results of the filtered mentions by their overall impact. Therefore, the most popular content will be shared by the most popular accounts. When you click on a user’s name in a post, you’ll see an author card appear on the right side of the screen with information about that person’s expertise and reach in the social media world.

The fifth step is to pick the best people to follow on Facebook.

There are three parts to a successful Facebook influencer marketing strategy: research, analysis, and contact.

The results of the analysis will point you in the direction of the influencers who will provide the greatest return on investment. If you’re going to screen them, here are some things to think about:

Consistency of effort. They may appear to have a sizable following, but how active is it? How involved are they in Facebook communities? How many responses do they receive? An influencer has a significantly better chance of swaying an interested audience.

Consideration of style, tone, and vocabulary. They may be a great fit in terms of substance, but is the manner they provide that material consistent with your company’s ideals? You might want to look elsewhere if, for example, your target demographic consists of middle-aged parents and the food blogger in question is known for using foul language. Remember that successful advertising efforts are those that strike a chord with their target demographic.

A potential for confusion of interest exists. It would be disheartening to invest in building ties with an influential person and then learn that they are secretly working for your competition. Look at their Facebook advertisements and other metrics to discover if they’re already established as a trusted resource in their niche.

With Awario’s assistance, you may do an analysis as well. Keeping an eye on their name might provide you insight into how they are thought of elsewhere online. You may acquire the same detailed information for a particular influencer that you do for your trending keywords, which will help you decide if they are the right person to represent your business. Keep in mind that disasters in public relations may and do occur, therefore it’s wise to utilise the appropriate monitoring tools at all times.

What not to do when it comes to Facebook influencers

Putting too much stock into superficial measures

Be wary of relying just on raw data when making your next influencer marketing campaign selection. It is possible to buy vanity metrics like the number of people who follow your account or like your posts. You can tell if a content creator is popular by reading the comments on their articles to see how many people are interested in what they have to say and if their opinions ring true. Also, you can use Awario to track how often their name is used on the web and in what contexts.