Strategies For Getting More Likes And Comments On Instagram

On a network utilised by millions of users throughout the world, you not only have to communicate with your community and potential followers, you need to keep them interested. While it might help your Instagram marketing to keep up with current trends and model yourself after more popular accounts, this should not be your primary focus.

Raising participation rates is not the aim. If people enjoy interacting with you, they will be more likely to share your material and promote your company. Hence, when people are interested in what you share, ask, or provide, your engagement rates will rise automatically.

We don’t have any hacks for you, but here’s what we observe about the excitement surrounding particular accounts.


Instagram is like a social gathering. Attendees at social gatherings tend to strike up conversations, pose questions, and lavish each other with praise. Some like to slip away to corners of the room for their own quiet discussions.

Humans socialise and form friends.

This is also true of the Instagram stories feature, the comments area, and the DMs that allow users to privately communicate with one another.

Another illustration: what do you do when you run across a celebrity you admire? Provided you don’t shy away at such a god-given moment, you’ll most probably snap several photographs, acquire their autograph, and tell them you’re their die-hard fan.

The same holds true for influential people you look up to on Instagram. Leaving comments or even initiating a dialogue with prominent leaders might seem daunting. You’re not just a spectator; you bring something of worth to the table as a professional.

Comments and messages that demonstrate your expertise show the other person that you’re reaching out from a position of authority in the same industry. Users will follow your account because they will be intrigued to see who has caught the attention of their favourite online personality, and this is especially true if the influencer reacts to you publicly.

They may not become followers quickly, but they have at least viewed your account. Instagram would also take note of this swell in local interest. You may increase your account value to the community’s algorithm by increasing the frequency with which this cycle is repeated.

Instagram Live & Stories

The purpose of Instagram’s 24-hour time limit is to encourage users to engage in meaningful discourse inside that window. The amount of individuals that “tap next” or “leave” your story is a solid measure of how relevant or intriguing your material is to them, regardless of whether you’re submitting a review or query.

Maintaining a high CTR requires continuing to pique readers’ interest with intriguing or surprising content. Simplest of all is just to put up some online polls or tests. They maintain the attention and interest of your audience.

Don’t give away the farm at the beginning of your Instagram story or live if you have a surprise sale or freebies to give away.

Make fun of your audience. Make them happy. In addition to retaining your current audience, you should encourage new visitors.

Young Hungry Free began their livestream for their 11/11 sale with a try-on session for their fans. They were teasing their audience and dropping indications about an announcement that would be made at a later time. These first looks were meant for their viewers to learn about the news from the source, but they were also a method to encourage their fans to share the good word.

The enthusiasm and anticipation of readers is often the driving force behind internet chatter. Companies put a lot of effort into making intriguing trailers since they generate more buzz than the real event does. People are always interested in hearing more about an event before it takes place, and they love talking about their experiences with others afterward.